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29 december 2007


Om man går in på IMDb's (Internet Movie Database) hemsida så hittar man det mest i filmväg o lite till. Bl a kan man fnissa o förfasas över sådant som inte står i TV-bilagorna. Gällande ovan nämnda filmpärla (som gick igår på TV) hittar man följande information:

  • Audrey Hepburn was the first choice to play Gigi since she had played the role on stage in 1952, but she was making Funny Face (1957) at the time and declined.
  • Leslie Caron's singing voice was overdubbed; however, original demo recordings of "Night they Invented Champagne" and "The Way You Look Tonight" sung by Leslie exist and have been released on CD.
  • The day after the movie won its nine Oscars, M-G-M telephone operators were instructed to answer all phone calls with, "Hello, M-Gigi-M."
  • The cat in the movie reacted violently whenever it was in a scene with Leslie Caron, but director Vincent Minelli insisted on having that particular cat, so it had to be heavily drugged. This is especially obvious during "Say a Prayer for Me Tonight".
  • With only four letters, this movie has the shortest title of any film to win the Oscar for Best Picture. The Lord of the Rings; the return of the King (2003) is the longest.
  • The soundtrack album is on the front cover of the Pink Floyd album Ummagumma.

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