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29 januari 2008

Håhå jaja...

Nu har jag lagt in den första av böckerna jag lånade idag (LOST LIGHT*) o som jag ämnar börja med. Nu sitter jag o väntar på att ... KLART!

Nu blir det TV o stickning en stund o sen - GONATT!

* In his latest "New York Times" bestseller, Connelly brings lone wolf Harry Bosch out of retirement and on a wild excursion into evil, seeking the truth about a cold case that still haunts the LAPD, movie studios--and Bosch himself.

Fed up with the LAPD's bureaucracy and hypocrisy, Detective Harry Bosch has resigned and is in search of a new source of income—and a new way of life. Devoted to law enforcement out of a deep drive to see justice done equally for all, he now finds himself in the new world of private security firms—with a whole new world of conflicts. And Harry Bosch is just the right man for the job. With LOST LIGHT, Michael Connelly takes another step closer to the classic novels of Raymond Chandler in this fast-paced, relentless, and powerful new novel.

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